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This Months Winner

Welcome to the donations page where you can give under supported kids a chance to shred. Central Oregon sk8 Share has been helping kids since 2016.

Everyday kids dream of a bigger, better more amazing tomorrow. What kid doesn't? These kids dream of the opportunity to skateboard and become part of a community that will embrace them.

The skateboard community here in Bend, Oregon is more than just a community. It's a family!

We offer these kids a chance to skate and build friendships for a lifetime. We all want to have friends and get to play. With your donations these kids will get to shred and get around town. Skateboards also offer many tools for these kids in building life skills.

Central Oregon Sk8 Share was created on behalf of these under supported kids in the community. The number of kids that are affected by these circumstances is not accurately represented. What we know is that the statistics are real and kids want to skateboard. We are still well below poverty level estimated as of 2017 for kids under 18. We want to offer these under supported kids the tools to enjoy this sport safely. Skateboarding has grown by leaps and bounds in the eye of Extreme sports. Kids look up to many of these professional skateboarders as role models now.  If you are interested in participating in this unique program we would to hear from you.

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