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Central Oregon Sk8 Share is located in beautiful Bend, Oregon where the weather is just right for each season. When it's time to sk8 we have lots of parks to choose from. 

Unfortunately, the number of children in Bend, Oregon all do not get have the same opportunities to sk8 due to expenses relating to purchasing all the equipment. There is said to be 1/3 of the families in Bend, Oregon that are affected and living in poverty.

An amazing crew saw this need in the community and began to start collecting all the wares for the children of the town. It started with a vision from a woman. In her garage she began with another to build setup for the skateboard community and it has steadily continued to grow. 

Those of us that are passionate about skateboarding share the same for passion for getting kids outside to enjoy the beauty of our surroundings such as the many of the skate parks throughout Oregon.

It's began as a grassroots movement that has taken really taken off. The SK8 share continues to stoke out our youth by putting packages together that include skate decks fully set up with helmets, pads, skate keys and much more. 

These amazing ladies deliver setups to the children in the community allowing them to feel connected. The skateboard gives some of these kids transportation to get around and even get jobs as well. All in all it's a win in the community for children and all those that are part of the Central Oregon Sk8 Share. 

These kids are gaining so much through skateboarding and the community. kids are learning many life skills. Skating gives them a way to get more places than they imagined.

Through skateboarding many of us have found a community that is unique and very creative. This is a great way to give back for many of us.

Building cognitive skills are also built through skateboarding and many relationships are created at the parks with others kids.

When kids are given an opportunity to get out and enjoy themselves and learn to have more confidence in their day to day stuff we are empowering the youth of tomorrow. 

Skateboarding can enrich their lives why not give them the chance to feel the stoke.


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